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Pennywise clown from ‘It’ now dances to pop hits, thanks to Twitter

Does Stephen King approve?

Trust Twitter to turn one of the scariest horror movie villains of all time into a dancing diva.

Pennywise the clown is the central villain of Stephen King’s horror novel It. Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of the killer clown who feeds on children’s fears in Andres Muschietti’s film adaptation has earned the actor plaudits as much as the character has given audiences nightmares.

Twitter user @GamingSpeedy took a key scene towards the end of the film, in which Pennywise does a dance to scare a potential victim, and edited it to the dance-pop group Steps song 5,6,7,8. The result, shared from the newly created Twitter account @Pennywise_Dance, became viral within minutes.

Motivated, the user kept creating similar videos by editing the footage to a variety of pop songs, including Vengaboys’ Boom, Boom, Boom, Aqua’s Barbie Girl, Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe and Pharell Williams’ Happy, among others.

When King tweeted that if there was one song he could hear for the rest of his life, that would be Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega, Pennywise didn’t waste any time.

This is not the first time Pennywise has got the meme treatment. Days after its release, the clown was paired as the gay partner of the monster Babadook from the 2014 Australian horror film of the same name. A screenshot was posted on the social networking website Tumblr, which showed The Babadook as listed under LGBT movies. “The B in LGBT stands for Babadook,” a user commented.

Overnight, the Babadook became an LGBT icon. Its status as a queer symbol got cemented during Pride Month in April in the United States of America, when the top hat wearing, teeth-baring ghoul began appearing at rallies across Boston and Washington.

A few days after the release of Muschietti’s It on September 8, Pennywise and Babadook were turned into a romantic pair by the folks on Twitter and Tumblr because, why not? “Pennywise and boyfriend, The Babadook are off on a date to get crepes and terrorize some kids,” wrote one user.

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When house hunting is as easy as shopping for groceries

The supermarket experience comes to a sector where you least expected it.

The woes of a house hunter in India are many. The dreary process starts with circling classifieds in newspapers and collecting shiny brochures. You flip through the proposed and ready designs that launch a hundred daydreams on the spot. So far so good. But, every house hunter would attest to the soul-crushing experience of checking out a disappointing property.

The kitchen of a 2BHK is carved from the corner of the hall, the 3BHK is a converted 2BHK, the building looks much older than in the pictures…. after months of reading the fine line, and between the lines, you feel like all the diagrams and highlights seem to blur into each other.

After much mental stress, if you do manage to zero in on a decent property, there’s a whole new world of knowledge to be navigated - home loans to be sifted through, taxes to be sorted and a finance degree to be earned for understanding it all.

Do you wish a real estate platform would address all your woes? Like a supermarket, where your every need (and want) is catered to? Imagine all your property choices nicely lined up and arranged with neat labels and offers. Imagine being able to compare all your choices side by side. Imagine viewing verfied listings and knowing what you see is what you get. Imagine having other buyers and experts guiding you along every step while you make one of the most important investments in your life. Imagine...

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